St. Thomas Culvert Engineering

Culverts may not be the flashiest piece of civil engineering out there, but they’re still one of the most important. Without properly designed culverts, our highways would become impassable during the winter melt season, our basements would flood, and water would pool in all kinds of inconvenient locations. Some of the first civilizations ever built saw the importance of culverts, and that’s a tradition we carry on with our St. Thomas culvert engineering services.

Culverts might not be the first thing you think of when you imagine engineering projects, but they can be surprisingly demanding. A proper culvert is designed to last decades into the future – that means it has to be built solid. You need to examine the surrounding area, plan out the best drainage route, and designed something large, sturdy, and capable of withstanding outside forces over incredibly long stretches of time.

When done right, a good culvert can become as fixed in the environment as the ground itself. If fact, during war time, there are even stories of citizens using large culverts as makeshift bomb shelters. Obviously not what they were designed for, but that goes to show the kind of forces a culvert can withstand when made with care and attention!

When you need St. Thomas culvert engineering, whether for a civil project or a private one, call on the experts of G. Douglas Vallee to get the job done right.

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