St. Thomas Demolition Permit Drawings

When you need to knock over a building or knock down a structure, you need to be sure you know what you’re doing. While it might seem like wrecking something is the easiest thing in the world, as engineers, we know that isn’t the case. Before you light the fuse or start swinging the wrecking ball, tou need a detailed plan that will ensure the speedy and safe removal of the structure with every I dotted and T crossed. You need professionally designed St. Thomas demolition permit drawings.

When you watch a demolition on TV or in a crowd, it doesn’t seem like much. The flash of an explosion deep inside a building, or a crane that topples over a support beam and brings everything down. But safely demolishing a structure involves a lot more than that. The entire structure needs to be reviewed for key supports, potential hazards, and environmental risks. Hazardous materials need to be removed before destruction, as well as valuable materials that can be re-used or recycled. Just getting to the point where you’re ready to bring things down is a job in itself!

When it is time to start the fireworks, they need to be done in a way that is sure to collapse the building or structure. There is nothing more dangerous than a botched demolition job that leaves half a building standing. Nobody wants to deal with an unpredictable and shaky remnant that could come down at any moment. You also need to be sure the demolition is contained, that it won’t damage nearby buildings and property, needlessly obstruct the normal behaviour of the neighbourhood, or hurt anyone.

It’s a job you want real professionals on. At G. Douglass Vallee, our core team of engineers have more than 300 combined man years of experience and have worked on every kind of project you could care to name across Ontario. Trust them to design your St. Thomas demolition permit drawings and make sure your project goes off without a hitch.

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