St. Thomas House Designs

When you’re building a new home for you and your family, you want the best. You want your new home to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, while also making sure everyone has enough room so your not tripping over each other all the time. But, you also need to stay on budget and work within the confines of your site. With so many competing forces at play, how do you get the home you want? By having your St. Thomas house designs drawn up by the professionals at G. Douglas Vallee Limited!

We know homes, and we know design. Our core team is made up of lifelong designers and engineers who together represent more than three centuries of design excellence and experience. These are practiced, dedicated pros who have never stopped sharpening their skills or reaching for more. It would be hard to find a more dedicated or skillful team. 

But, what sets us apart at G. Douglas Vallee isn’t just our skills, it’s the way we work with our clients. We believe in good old fashion communication and honesty. Instead of trying to “sell” our clients on some idea, or push some pre-made plan on them so we can move on to the next person, we take the time to stop and really listen. We want to hear what you want out of this new home, what your requirements, expectations, and wish list items are. We’ll work with you, collaboratively, to design something that meets those goals while also sticking to a budget and the realities of the project.

We want you to love your St. Thomas house designs. Don’t settle for pre-made plans or a firm that will act like they care and immediately forget your concerns as soon as you hang up the phone. Contact G. Douglas Vallee Limited, and let us help you build the home you truly deserve. 

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