St. Thomas House Plans

Every project, big or small, begins with the stroke of a pencil and an idea. For most people, it’s easy to forget how much work goes into planning a building of any kind. When you look at it from the outside and see a few walls and a roof, it can seem simple. But, when you actually sit down and plan out how those walls are going to look, an interior floor plan that is efficient and comfortable, the electrical and plumbing needs of a building, and more, it quickly balloons into a large task! That’s why you want the professionals of G. Douglas Vallee Limited at work on your St. Thomas house plans.

Design is our specialty. Our core team of engineers and designers have more than 300 combined man years of experience in the business. Over this time, we’ve taken on almost every kind of project you can imagine, from refined chapels to bustling factory floors. Still, we’ve never lost our passion for designing homes. It is always satisfying to work closely with a client and help them create the perfect home for their family.

We’ll make sure your plans not only reflect your vision of a home, but that they are thorough, detailed, and conform to all regulations and municipal by-laws so you won’t run into any nasty surprises down the line. Every project begins with the stroke of a pencil and an idea, and the plans you draw at the start will determine whether that project will be a success or not. Get them done right.

Trust G. Douglas Vallee Limited to draw up your St. Thomas house plans. We’ll make sure your home turns out the way you’ve always pictured it and help you navigate all the red tape and regulations along the way.

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