St. Thomas Subdivision Development

At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we understand the importance subdivisions can have to a city. They are how modern cities grow, allowing new residents convenient and attractive new housing options that provide the feel of a classic neighborhood with the amenities of city life. We’ve worked on numerous successful, high-profile subdivision projects, and we’d love to make sure your St. Thomas subdivision development is our next success story.

From our work on the Silver Lake Estates subdivision in Port Dover (a massive recent redevelopment of the area) to the Yin subdivision in Waterford, you can see our work in person across the province. We’ve worked on subdivisions of all sizes and target buyers and know how to plan, scale, and design for success.

Subdivision development takes more than a simple grid plan and a model home blueprint. You need to remember that people will live here when its done, that the area must be made to be attractive to people living their lives. This means strong design and attractive homes, organic traffic flow, well planned grading design, and more. 

If you’re planning a subdivision development in St. Thomas, don’t do it without consulting G. Douglas Vallee Limited first. Put our expert designers to the task and we’ll help you design, scale, and build a subdivision that exceeds expectations.

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