Strathroy Architect

At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, building things is our passion. We’ve been in the business of building things great and small since 1964, and don’t see a reason to quit any time soon! Our body of work is impressive, but never done, which is why we want to be your Strathroy architect. 

Being an architect is about a combination of skills. You need to be able to envision a project, every single step of it, all in the mind’s eye. But, you also need the experience and technical knowledge to make that vision a practical, translatable, reality. All the imagination in the world doesn’t help if you’re massively over budget or wildly impractical.

That’s why at G. Douglas Vallee, we pool our expertise. Our core team of veteran engineers and designers, share their unique experiences and talents freely. We’re proud to list four licensed engineers, a registered land use planner, and more on our staff – all of which are dedicated to giving our clients the best possible value and results for their project.

When you want to make something great, you need a great team. With no false modesty, we can say that at G. Douglas Vallee, we’ve assembled one of the best. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you with all your Strathroy architect needs.

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