Strathroy Demolition Permit Drawings

Need to clear an area to get started with a new project? Then first thing first, you need to have your demolition permit drawings in order. In Strathroy and every other municipality in Ontario, these drawings are a crucial step in any project that involves a bit of destruction and something you definitely want to have handled by a professional.

The requirements for demolition permit drawings differ from municipality to municipality. In Strathroy, they involve a number of steps that include a complete project overview with a detailed plan, specifications, and supporting documents. Then you need detailed drawings that conform to the standards set by the building code. Once your drawings have been approved, you need proof for the Chief Building Official that all arrangements have been properly made to shut off all services to the building. Finally, the project must provide security deposit at the determination of the Chief Building Official to ensure the site will be back-filled and graded properly and complying with environmental regulations, a determination that will largely depend on the quality and completeness of the previously submitted documents and drawings. 

The logistical burden of all these demands is significant and definitely not something an amateur should try to navigate. At G. Douglas Vallee, we are immensely proud of our core team of engineers and designers, all of whom have extensive experience scoping and managing projects of all scales and budgets. Simply put, we’re professionals. We know what is required and what needs to be done to put your demolition permit drawings and documentation in order to ensure a smooth and quick approval process.

Get your project off on the right foot. Contact G. Douglas Vallee Limited today about your Strathroy demolition permit drawings and put our years of experience to your benefit. 

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