Strathroy House Plans

Thinking of settling down in Strathroy? Good choice! Now all you need to decide is what kind of home you want for you and your family. Something classic and old fashion? Or maybe sleek and modern? No matter what kind of home is right for you, G. Douglas Vallee Limited is there to draw up your Strathroy house plans and help you take that first step to making your dream home a reality!

At G. Douglas Vallee, we know home. From humble single-family starter abodes, to vast subdivisions, and stately estates, we’ve designed them all. We know that every project is unique, which is why we approach each project with care and attention. We don’t believe in selling pre-fabricated plans to our clients looking for their dream home. No, we’ll work with you to draft and create a home that suits your specific needs and desires!

At G. Douglas Vallee, we believe in putting the client first. We pride ourselves on our client relationships that are based on trust and communication. We will talk with you, sketch out some ideas, and do what it takes to make your home feel special.

Home really is where the heart is. When you’re ready to make the home of your dreams, call G. Douglas Vallee for your Strathroy house plans and get it started right.

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