Tillsonburg Bridge Engineering

The first bridges humans ever made were nothing to write home about, but they represented big ideas. A few trees pushed over a small expanse was a bold innovation once. The Arkadiko bridge, one of the oldest arch bridges in the world must have been a marvel of its time, a stone construction that measured more than 20 meters long and was wide enough to accommodate chariots. Phenomenally forward thinking for 1300 BC.

What would the ancient Greeks who designed that humble stone arch think of our modern bridges? Of our great works of trusses, cables, and suspension wires? At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we’re committed to carrying on this tradition of imagination and innovation with our expert bridge engineering in Tillsonburg and beyond.

Structural engineering is one of our specialties at G. Douglas Vallee Limited. The head of our structural engineering department, Ryan Elliot, is a true professional. A building design specialist who has spent years in the field, working on geotechnical, structural, and civil engineering projects across the province. When it comes to bridge, culvert, and other structural engineering tasks, he leads our team of professional designers, engineers, and architects, focusing our combined 300 man-years of experience on the task at hand.

We’ve completed hundreds of successful bridge projects over the years, carrying on the spirit those ancient engineers pioneered centuries ago. Call on us for your Tillsonburg bridge engineering project and reap the benefits of an expert team that knows exactly what’s required to do the job right.

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