Waterloo Bridge Engineering

Did you know that the earliest suspension
bridges were made of twisted grass? When Spanish conquistadors arrived in Peru
in 1532, they marvelled at an Incan empire connected by hundreds of suspension
bridges—some more than 45 meters long! And this was 300 years before the first
suspension bridge was built in Europe.

At G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we build
bridges in Canada—and we definitely use longer lasting material than twisted
grass… though we think our bridges are just as impressive! All right, so maybe
it’s hard to create a bridge that’s more impressive than a grass bridge across
a deep mountain gorge, but our Waterloo bridge engineering techniques are
certainly safer.

In the history of our practice, we’ve
successfully undertaken hundreds of bridge and other structural engineering
projects, including new and replacement structures, rehabilitations, and more.
We’re comfortable with a wide variety of building materials—wood, steel,
concrete, masonry… sadly, not twisted grass—and can tailor our provided
services to the needs to your project.

When it comes to Waterloo bridge
engineering, make G. Douglas Vallee Limited’s 300 combined man-years of
experience the choice that works to get you to your destination.

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