Waterloo Civil Engineering

Almost fifty years ago, G. Douglas Vallee
Limited made the decision to incorporate—the goal was to provide professional
engineering services to the private and public sectors. We were dedicated to
that plan, and some things never change… that’s still part of our goal today!

In 2013, we’re offering a full range of
services in Ontario, from architecture to Waterloo civil engineering. It might
seem strange to hear of a company like ours offering a literal full slate of
services, but that’s what we believe sets us apart from the pack. Our extensive
experience in architecture and engineering has enabled us to meet the needs of
any sized project, with services tailored to exactly what each client requires.

We’re not going to try and convince you
that you need services you don’t. After all, reputation and integrity are more
important to us—we’re in this business because we love it and because we love
people, and we want to keep it that way. Honest relationships come first, and
everything else follows.

In an increasingly competitive world
marketplace, G. Douglas Vallee Limited stands on your side. We’re here to help
see your vision realised, whether that’s as simple as representing you in a
meeting with city officials, or completing an entire Waterloo civil engineering
project from breaking ground to ribbon cutting. Call us today to learn more
about what G. Douglas Vallee Limited can do for you!

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