Woodstock Civil Engineering

Since G. Douglas Vallee Limited’s incorporation in 1964, civil engineering has been one of our company’s mainstays—it complements our other major focus area, architecture—and we have purposefully developed these two areas together so that we can be a full-service operation for all of our clients, no matter what they require. In Woodstock, civil engineering and our architectural services are easily tailored to ensure your project needs are met according to the budget and scope.

From multi-million dollar projects to small ventures, private or public, G. Douglas Vallee Limited can work with you to ensure success at every turn. We want to ensure that your project moves forward on the necessary timeline, with as stress-free a journey as possible. That’s why we insist on working closely with all our clients, building strong relationships that are founded on honesty and communication.

With over 300 man-years of combined experience, our team is highly capable and holds multi-faceted experience in Woodstock civil engineering and architecture. Whether you’re looking for consultations, paperwork assistance, or a complete project from start to finish, G. Douglas Vallee Limited knows what it takes to bring engineering and architecture projects to successful completion.

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