Woodstock House Plans

Have an upcoming building project in Woodstock? House plans, or some other architectural or engineering project? Good! When you’re searching for companies to hire, remember our name: G. Douglas Vallee Limited. Go ahead, research other companies. Make a list of pros and cons. But while you’re doing that, keep these few things in mind.

G. Douglas Vallee Limited was incorporated in 1964, and our object was to provide the highest quality Professional Engineering services to the private and public sectors—and soon after, we added the practice of Architecture to our repertoire.

Now, we’re committed to investing in leading edge technology, which ensures that we’re able to offer all our clients highly professional services in a marketplace that’s only growing in competition. We’re dedicated to excellence, honesty, and communication. And we take great pride in a job well done.

So, go ahead. Search for other companies to help with your Woodstock house plans. We’re confident that you won’t find anyone like us out there! When you’re ready, give us a call—we’ll be waiting.

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