Woodstock Subdivision Development

Subdivision development in Woodstock presents a unique set of challenges. When it comes to any form of land development project, there will be plenty of municipal red-tape to work through… which is why at G. Douglas Vallee Limited, we’re thrilled to have Eldon on our team! Eldon heads up the planning department of our firm, and provides a unique perspective on development.

Prior to his work at our firm, Eldon was a local municipal employee, which now allows him to identify with clients and understand the municipal perspective on land use planning. As a result, he can give reliable, solid, and up-front advice to our clients.

We’re proud to have Eldon in our corner, thereby enabling us to offer a full slate of professional services when it comes to subdivision development, including: draft plans of subdivision approvals; site plan approvals; coordinating the subdivision registration process; zoning by-law amendments; and more.

Don’t waste time wading through red tape—G. Douglas Vallee Limited and our team can help your Woodstock subdivision development move forward without delay, bringing your project closer to successful completion.

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